​GAW’s Strong Commitment to Our Workforce

​GAW’s Strong Commitment to Our Workforce

Sep 11th 2023

As the country celebrates Labor Day, we are reminded of the value our team provides - not only to our own business - but to the communities where they live. 

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, creating and keeping jobs in the United States has been a consistent value of ours here at GAW Technology. On the surface it’s been a good business practice to manage our projects with workers here in the U.S. It’s paid off for the company, as we have been able to serve our customers, deliver on our promise to them and grow our business. 

As many other businesses have since learned, maintaining a U.S. based workforce became especially important when the COVID pandemic struck. During that trying time, we made a commitment to keep all of our workers employed. Like others, we dealt with demand and supply chain issues, but we also used this opportunity to plan and innovate what we do and how we do it – making us a stronger team and company. 

As we have come out of COVID and maintained our workforce, we have taken stock of just how important it is to keep local workers employed. While it has been important to our business and our workers, the commitment of staying the course through challenging times is equally valuable to our community. 

The impact of that commitment has gone beyond our own doors. According to the Manufacturing Institute every direct durable manufacturing job creates another 1.58 indirect jobs. When you multiply that by the nearly 100 direct jobs GAW creates in building its products for customers, that ‘ripple effect’ created has another 158 jobs. Those are jobs that our workers generate locally just by buying food, clothing, housing, school supplies, and the list goes on. 

With a steady job, our teams are able to support their churches, community groups, little league teams and more. Holiday celebrations get a bit easier, and despite the challenges from COVID, workers were able to keep their lives intact. 

We thank our workers for their dedication to our company through thick and thin these past 30 years - and the last three in particular. They are a testament to the can-do approach we have taken here at GAW Technology, which has always been at the heart of our value as an American company.

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