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Avoid the costly consequences of shipping delays in

data center operations.

Our ISO 9001 and TL 9000-certified practices and robust supply chain processes ensure timely delivery of server racks, eliminating logistical disruptions, project delays, and financial implications. Our measured on-time delivery rate is over 96%.

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Eco Friendly

Avoid the hidden costs of shipping delays in your data center operations.

Data center racks almost always require accessories. In many instances, the server rack may get delivered, but the accessories are nowhere to be found. GAW’s One Box Solution ships racks with accessories pre-installed…at no charge! This cuts down on the time needed for your techs to install the accessories. This approach also reduces packaging waste by consolidating all components into a single box before shipping.

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Ensure on-time deliveries for operational resilience

Ensure on-time deliveries for operational resilience.

Tired of getting ideal lead times to help close the sale only to have the manufacturer continuously push delivery back again and again? GAW provides honest timelines and helps optimize your operational efficiency by maintaining a strategic inventory of critical components to buffer against potential delivery delays. Our robust supply chain processes, with overlapping supply chains, guard against single-point logistic failures.

We know how to ship racks

We know how to ship racks.

Knowing how to ship server racks correctly ensures a smooth flow through the supply chain. Our Tip N Tell indicator on the packaging tells customers if the cabinet has been tipped or mishandled. When it comes to packaging, count on GAW’s experience and quality control process to mitigate the risk of damage during transit. This reduces the likelihood of financial losses due to damaged or non-functional server racks.

Protect your data center from security threats

Protect your data center from security threats.

Don't let delayed server racks compromise the security of your data center. Ensure on-time deliveries to prevent potential security threats in the sensitive areas of your operations. Avoid the costly repercussions of missed delivery dates and protect your data center from unnecessary risks.

Shipping delays cost you more than just time.

Keep your data center operations running smoothly with our reliable shipping services.

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