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Is Heat Causing Havoc and High Energy Bills?

Optimize Your Data Center with an Air Flow Assessment

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Research shows that 37% of energy consumed by data centers is used to move and cool air. With data center expansions and 5G technology integration, energy consumption continues to increase – making air flow management more complicated. Drive down your ongoing data center expenses by having one of our air flow experts help with your expansion or installation plans. We will examine the physical property to identify flow gaps and other inefficiencies. A comprehensive assessment can help businesses deploy the necessary equipment and/or design changes to improve air flow – to reduce costs, extend equipment life and minimize equipment failures. Here are some of the elements examined under such a review:
  • Rack configuration: check that server racks are properly aligned to allow easy air flow through the racks
  • Blanking panels: confirm proper installation
  • Cooling load: determine the amount of heat the system needs to unload
  • Current air flow patterns • Placement and usage of perforated floor tiles
  • Inspection of seals and gaskets
  • Air conditioning unit placement and set up
  • Air infiltration systems
  • Room configuration and openings
  • Humidity levels: examining the role humidity plays in air circulation
  • Failure analysis: assessing the overall age and condition of the HVAC system
A Holistic Approach to Air Flow Management
Our airflow assessment examines the entire infrastructure to identify flow gaps and other inefficiencies that impact heating and cooling. We then use this information to develop design and equipment recommendations.
Drive Down Costs and More
Proper airflow management can generate up to 30% energy savings. But it also extends equipment life and reduces equipment failures. Great for your business and good for the environment.
When to Consider an Assessment?
Whether you are planning a new installation, expanding your current facility or want to optimize your current data center, an airflow assessment can help you make better design and equipment decisions.
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If heat is causing havoc and driving up energy costs, the experts at Gaw can help develop air flow management solutions for your data center. Let’s chat.
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