Custom Server Rack Solutions

Gaw Technology has a full line of custom data center server rack cabinet options to house, protect and organize your equipment – and manufactured in the United States.

What started as a commitment to meet the changing needs of our customers, evolved into a specialty for Gaw.  For more than a decade, Gaw Technology has designed and economically manufactured server cabinets and racks that satisfy the most stringent and unique requirements.

Custom Server Rack Solutions | Strength, Flexibility and Convenience

As a leader in custom server rack cabinet solutions, Gaw understands that the best solution for your data center is the one that meets your quality standards and budget. Whether you need a pre-configured cabinet or a fully custom solution, Gaw Technology has a range of choices to help you build the best option for your data center.

It Starts with the Design and Manufacturing

Unlike conventional sheet metal cabinets, Gaw Technology’s horizontal unistrut design provides added strength and flexibility. The Gaw cabinet rails are fully adjustable – just loosen the bolts and slide the rails to the desired location. So as your equipment changes, you can easily adjust the shelves or reuse the cabinets – saving you time and money.

Gaw Technology’s NEBS GR63-core certified, zone 4, seismic server rack cabinets ensure equipment compatibility, simplify installation, protect equipment and minimize the risk of fires. These seismic cabinets are approved for Zone 4 with an additional 2,000 pounds added –  perfect for areas where earthquakes are common.

Plus, you get the confidence in quality and service excellence that comes from working with an ISO 9001:2015 and TL9000 certified company.

A Range of Choices

Ready-To-Ship. In addition to their own line of server cabinets and racks, Gaw offers off-the-shelf products from other manufacturers, including Kendall Howard. The in-stock products within a few days.

Semi-Custom Solutions. If you are tired of removing and storing extra doors, shelves and other parts when you purchase standard products, Gaw Technology has a unique solution. Why pay for and store parts you don’t need? Gaw will customize their pre-configured cabinet to save you time and money – and your cabinet will arrive ready to use!

Custom SolutionsIf your data center has stringent and unique requirements, like those found in the telecommunication, healthcare and data center industries, Gaw Technology has the capabilities to help customers design and economically manufacture custom racks and cabinets.

Server Racks and Cabinets come in a variety of sizes to meet the current and future needs of customers.

Width:  23” and 24” are common. Also available in widths of 28”, 32”, and 36”

Height: 40u and 44u are standard. Also available in 42u and 48u.

Depth:  36” and 42” are standard. 46” and 48” option available to accommodate equipment changes.

One-Box-Solution for Ultimate Convenience

Would you like Gaw Technology to install cable management or other accessories into your semi-custom or custom cabinets? No problem.

Because they manufacture the cabinets, Gaw Technology offers customers a unique one-box-solution. Your cable management or other accessories are assembled into your custom or semi-custom cabinets before we pack and ship.  So, your server rack arrives in one box – ready to be installed at your location. No delays waiting for other shipments. No additional assembly so you save time and money. Their one-box-solution adds another level of convenience without sacrificing quality.


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One Box Solution
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