Quality Control System

As an ISO 9001:2015 and TL9000 Certified Company, quality is never taken for granted. From the initial design to packaging and shipping, Gaw uses a quality management system, including inspections, reviews and data to insure their server rack cabinets and accessories consistently satisfy customers’ expectations.

Step 1 | Design

The design phase starts with a collaborative Q&A and brainstorming session to collect crucial data, including measurements, hot and cold spots, etc. Gaw then works with the client to design and configure various options based on budgets, lead times and other factors.

Next Gaw creates the drawing(s) and schedules an online meeting to review with the specs – and even tweak on the screen if necessary! Once the engineering drawing is finalized and approved by the client, it goes back to Engineering where it is programmed for manufacturing.

Step 2 | Materials

Not all sheet metal is the same. Variations in thickness, purity, coating, protective film and treatment methods may impact forming and quality. Whether the sheet metal (materials) is ordered or already in stock, Gaw completes a materials inspection for quality and other factors before it is tagged and used in manufacturing.

Step 3 | Production Inspection

The first piece of each operation process gets inspected. After the first article inspection, Gaw Technology’s quality control procedure includes random in-line inspections throughout the entire production process.

Step 4 | Pre & Post Assembly Inspections

Before assembly, Gaw’s quality control system is looking for any issues relating to workmanship, paint, welding, etc.  Items that meet the quality standards are moved into Assembly – where the server rack cabinets are assembled.  

After assembly, each cabinet is again inspected to insure proper installation of accessories, workmanship, and quality of finish.  

At this stage, the cabinets have gone through a series of inspections and reviews. After final QC review, Gaw places the QC inspection tag on the cabinet, including sign-off and MS number. It is no surprise that Gaw Technology consistently achieves quality scores of 95% or more.

Step 5 | Package & Ship

The cabinet is carefully packaged to safely ship to the customers designated location. Gaw Technology utilizes Tip N Tell indicators on the cabinet packaging to monitor shipment – so the customer can tell if the cabinet was tipped too far or mishandled during the shipping process.  

Did you take advantage of Gaw’s One-Box-Solution? Then your cable management or other accessories are already assembled in the cabinets – and your server rack is ready to be installed.  

Step 6 | Installation

While some companies think their quality control system ends when the product ships out the door, Gaw Technology isn’t like other companies. They deliver what they promise, and then some.  So upon delivery, if requested, the Gaw team will set up the cabinets and remove all materials, including the packaging.

Step 7 | Follow-Up

Within a week, Gaw Technology contacts the customer to check on any issues or concerns.  At this time, they initiate client surveys to assess the fulfillment process and customer satisfaction.  Customer survey data, including quality and on-time delivery metrics are used for internal review, ongoing improvement and compliance with our certifications.

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