Desk Top Server Rack - Compact Protection and Portability

Server racks are an essential component of many businesses IT infrastructure. They provide a secure, organized space to store servers, network equipment, and other hardware. However, not all businesses have the space or need a full-sized server rack. That's where small server racks come in. Small server racks are an excellent option for businesses that need to house a few servers and other IT equipment but need more room for a full-sized rack. They're also a good choice for home users who want to set up a small server or network in their home office.

Kendall Howard Small Server Racks

When choosing a small server rack, it's essential to consider its weight capacity. Even though these racks are smaller than their full-sized counterparts, they still need to be able to support the weight of your equipment. Check the weight capacity of any rack you're considering before purchasing.

Kendall Howard small server racks have various features to help you organize and secure your equipment. Some racks lock doors to prevent unauthorized access, while others have built-in cable management systems to keep your cables neat.

It's also vital to consider cooling when choosing a small server rack. Servers generate a lot of heat, so ensure your rack has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Look for racks with perforated doors or side panels, or consider adding fans or other cooling solutions.

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Medium Size Desk Top Server Rack

Kendall Howard's 12U Small Desk Top Server Rack with Front/Rear Doors is a versatile and compact solution for businesses and home users who need to store and organize their IT equipment. With its sturdy construction, ample space, and convenient features, this server rack is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and efficient way to manage their servers, switches, and other networking equipment.


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Affordable Small Server Rack

In today's digital age, affordable small desktop server racks have become essential to nearly every IT infrastructure. Whether a small business owner or a home user, having a dedicated server storage space can help optimize your network performance, reduce downtime, and enhance data security. The 8U SOHO Small Desk Top Server Rack with Front/Rear Mesh Doors, manufactured by Kendall Howard, is an excellent choice for an affordable and efficient server rack solution.


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Best Small Desktop Server Rack For a Growing Business

As businesses and organizations grow, so does their IT infrastructure, making it necessary to invest in a reliable server cabinet to house and protect their equipment. Kendall Howard offers a range of server cabinets, including the Linier 27U Server Cabinet with front glass and rear vented doors, a versatile and practical solution. Its adjustable mounting rails, weight capacity, ventilation, and cable management options make it an adaptable option for businesses of all types and sizes. The clear front glass door and locking doors ensure access and security, making it an excellent investment for any growing business.


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Desktop Server Rack with Great Air Flow

Kendall Howard's Linier 22U server cabinet is an excellent solution for small to medium-sized businesses that require a compact and secure server cabinet. With a weight capacity of up to 1,300 pounds, this cabinet can handle most server equipment and accessories. One of the standout features of this cabinet is its vented front and rear doors, which allow for optimal airflow and ventilation. This is essential for keeping your equipment cool and preventing overheating, which can lead to hardware failure and downtime.


Small Desk Top Server Racks

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