Air Containment Curtain Solutions

Air containment solutions for new installation or replacement parts. Our PolarPlex Rigid panels create an attractive, modular containment barrier that can be secured to rack tops or floor. Movable, self-standing panels are available in custom heights and widths. PolarPlex strip curtains install quickly, seal well and are a durable solution for isolating hot exhaust air from cold supply air. Vinyl strip curtains available in two heights (8’, 10’) and three widths (4’, 5’ 6’)

Air containment curtains help move heat in your datacenter

There are many ways to tackle the problem of cooling server environments. One common solution is cold aisle containment - this involves directing air away from hot aisles and onto one or more cold aisles, which are usually built in an opposing configuration to maximize the distance between them. Datacenter managers should first evaluate their cooling architecture and decide if they have enough capacity available to address existing and future compute loads; if this is not present, it can be very difficult for facilities managers because some of these IT racks require immense amounts of power (KW) at specific times during the day due to peak computing load periods. For example: focusing cool air precisely where it's needed by harnessing excess capability when there isn't any increased demand on that particular system/rack might sound like a good idea but you would don't want your data center running with less redundancy than necessary just so you could save money on electricity costs?

Air Containment Curtains

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