Straight Cable Racks

Ladder Rack Straight Sections support data center cables on straight runs and are available in two designs: 1.5” tube rail and 2” solid rail. All straight sections of cable ladders are 116.5” in length and 6’, 12’, 18’ or 24’ in width, with the default color being dark gray / telephone gray. However, other widths and colors are available, so please call with your exact requirements. 

Runway Ladder Racks

Runway straight sections that are designed to support horizontal cable running over-head. These heavy duty steel cables come with a durable black textured powder coat which gives it strength and durability to last long periods of time. They can be easily attached onto all racks and two 5 foot long runways come in an easy double layered shipping carton. Designed for use with any rack, these modularized systems provide effective means for distributing overhead cable loads evenly- this is also great for routing cables horizontally or vertically around obstacles as well as attaching the runway section into a distribution or cable management.

Straight Sections Cable Racks

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