Customize Server Racks and IT Cabinets

When traditional server enclosures and racks won’t accommodate the equipment or cables required in the enclosure you should really consider Gaw when you need to customize server racks or IT cabinets. Custom solutions require design, engineering, and metal fabrication – along with a whole lot of experience to help you avoid the pitfalls of finished products that fail!

The Best Custom Rack Design

We offer several levels of custom rack designs to support our customer's needs, budgets and lead times. From simple workarounds to unique custom solutions, nobody does it like Gaw.

Simple Work-Arounds Many custom designs can be accommodated by using our standard racks with slight modifications. A good portion of our work falls into this category. We have hundreds of clever fixes that can help you avoid a more custom solution. Some common workarounds include top panel designs and cable management. This is always a good place to start.

Semi-Custom For semi-custom server racks, we engineer certain parts of a standard rack to create the best solution for our customers. This is an incredibly efficient way to solve many complex problems. So, it is cost-effective with faster delivery than fully custom options. This type of work will require the efforts of designers, engineers and fabricators.

Fully Custom This is where Gaw built its reputation. Ideal for clients who need unique height, width, depth or specialized applications – such as seismic, colocation or vibration cabinets. We design and build custom enclosures for some of the largest telecom providers, aerospace and IT companies on the planet.  

The Best Customized Server Racks - Made In the USA

As an ISO 9001:2015 and TL9000 Certified Company, quality is never taken for granted. We support it with our 7 Step Quality Control System. And because we manufacture right here in the United States, we guarantee quality and shorter delivery times.

When quality, service and budgets matter, customers count on us to design and deliver the best solution. You can too.

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