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Server Rack Accessories and Rackmount Solutions

Server rack accessories and rackmount solutions for all your datacenter and network rack needs.  When you invest in a server rack or cabinet, you will likely want server rack accessories to optimize the rack somehow.  Gaw’s customer service team has been providing datacenter solutions for over 25 years.

We carry a complete line of rackmount accessories, including rackmount shelves, rack power strips, rackmount LCD monitors, server rack tools, rackmount keyboard drawers, rack monitoring devices, cable management products, and server rack cooling solutions.  19” rack accessories, and of course, we carry an excellent assortment of server racks, server rack components, and cabinets.

Must-Have Server Rack Accessories

We created a list of server rack accessories that will help keep you sane, organized or make life easier for your team to access and maintain your network equipment.  The most common standard server rack width is 19 inches; that being the case, nearly all our accessories are designed to fit a 19-inch rack.  Most rack-mounted equipment, especially servers, have a mounting width of 19 inches from filler panels and drawers to shelves and power strips. We have a wide range of options – and many of them ship the same day.

Server Rack Trays

Server rack trays are sleek but sturdy so they are perfect for a variety of applications -- from commercial and military to corporate or small office use. Our heavy duty design is one of the most robust pull-out keyboard trays on the market and is built to last. The keyboard and touchpad mouse simply slide out when needed to provide quick and easy access to your network.

Adjustable Tray

1U Rack Mount 4 Post Adjustable Tray

Slim 1U design, lockable, 4-post mounting and made in the USA.

Rackmount Blanking Panels or Filler Panels

Installing rackmount blanking panels (also known as filler panels) is a simple, cost-effective way to manage airflow properly.  If your open or closed frame rack has some empty slots, blanking panels are needed to maximize cooling efficiency.  Improper cooling can lead to thermal damage.

Top-rated Filler Panels

1U Flanged Filler Panels Spaced Blank with Toolless Mounting Clips

To keep servers cool, the main goal is to get as much cool air as possible through the front of the server and keep hot air contained in the back.  So, when cold air flows toward your server, you want to block off other possible entries.  Blocking panels eliminate the open space and block off those other entries to help keep cold and hot air separated.

Blanking or filler panels are available in many sizes, from 1U to 6U.  One of the lowest cost accessories you can purchase for your server rack, blanking panels help with cooling and give your rack a cleaner, organized appearance, and support the mounting rails.

Server Rack Ventilation Fan

The primary purpose of adding a horizontal rackmount fan to a server rack or cabinet is to break up any hot spot that might form in space – typically where there is a lack of ventilation.

Because servers constantly run, that empty space can maintain high temperatures that affect equipment performance.

Best Server Rack Fan

This helps push cool air towards that spot while separating from the hot air

So, if that space at the top of your rack feels hotter than other areas, consider a top panel rack fan instead of a filler or blanking panel.  This helps push cool air towards that spot while separating from the hot air. Standard server rack mount fans are 550 CFM (cubic foot per minute) – and ours is 0 RU, so it doesn’t take up valuable space in your server rack cabinet.

2 Post Rack Adapter / Conversion Kit

A 2-post rack that only allows center mounting is not compatible for use with servers.  But if you have a 2-post rack and want to mount a server, you don’t need to buy a new 4-post rack.  Instead, pick up our 2-post conversion kit.  It allows you to upgrade any 2-post rack to a 4-post rack with an adjustable depth of 24-40 inches.

Top Selling 2 Post to 4 Post Conversion Kit

It allows you to upgrade any 2-post rack to a 4-post rack

The 4-piece conversion kit provides a safe, dependable solution, anchoring two racks or bracing them to the wall.

Cable Management Bars

Cable management products may be classified as accessories, but they are necessary for organizing all the cables needed to run your network equipment.

There are a lot of different products and options to manage cable, but they ultimately perform two functions.  Horizontal cable management bars are used to route cables to and from equipment.  Vertical cable management bars organize cables traveling up and down your server racks.  As long as both needs are met, you have what you need to keep your cables organized.  Just don’t forget the zip ties to keep groups of cables together.

Best Selling Cable Management Kit

U D-Ring cable management kit allows installers and network technicians to manage all types of cables easily.

For ultimate flexibility and functionality, the 1U D-Ring cable management kit allows installers and network technicians to manage all types of cables easily.  With more than 40 configurations, it is easy to manage cables vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.  This kit eliminates the need for dozens of other cable management brackets.  It really can do it all.

Server Rack Drawer

With rackmount drawers, you can store stuff you use for maintenance inside the rack itself.  From extra cables and equipment manuals to hard drives, keyboards, cage nut tools, or thumb drives, your technicians will appreciate the convenience of having these items nearby when they need them.

Easiest to Install Rackmount Drawer

This 3U rack-mountable drawer includes a built-in lock for security and has a maximum load capacity of 100 pounds.

Rackmount drawers are available in a variety of RU sizes.  This 3U rack-mountable drawer includes a built-in lock for security and has a maximum load capacity of 100 pounds.  It’s 19” EIA 310-D compliant and made in the USA.  The easy-to-remove slides also make installation simple and easy.

Server Rack Shelves

There are many shelving and server tray rack options for your server racks and cabinets, including adjustable versus fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, vented versus solid shelves, and pull-out storage drawers.  Weight capacity ranges from standard 75 lbs. to heavy-duty, which holds up to 150 lbs.

Top-rated Server Rack Shelf

Server rack cabinet adjustable shelf

With rugged steel construction, this server rack cabinet adjustable shelf is made to last. It comes in two different sizes: 24-inch or 30-inch depth. You can also choose standard capacity, which holds up to 75 lbs. or our heavy-duty option with 150 lb. capacity. Plus, this server rack shelf has square vent holes to ensure your equipment stays ventilated.

The Equipment Found in a Server Rack

The server rack design may be rather basic, but the equipment housed inside a server rack can process an immense amount of complex information.

Understandably, computer servers are the priority here.  And there are various types of server racks to keep the server racks and network equipment cool and secure.  Housing all servers within a data center’s racks allows the business to find and fix problems more efficiently.  Computer servers can vary in style and size, but they’re necessary for data storage, application operation, etc.  If there is an accessory or part you need but are not sure of the server rack parts name, give one of our specialists a call.

Would you like Gaw Technology to install cable management or other accessories into your semi-custom or custom cabinets? No problem.

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