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Small Server Rack

Do you need servers next to you or tucked into small spaces? For compact protection and portability, our small server racks provide a convenient alternative for small businesses or home offices. Our small server racks also come with optional handles and casters so you can easily move the cabinets around as needed.

Limited Space? Get a Desktop Server Rack

Need to fit your server rack into a small space? The 12U SOHO portable rack system is durable, lightweight, stackable, and completely portable. The 12U Compact Series SOHO Cabinet is a sleek and robust server cabinet specially designed for small businesses, home offices, or IT professionals.

It easily rolls under a work surface or tucks away in a closet. Prefer a desktop solution? Simply remove the wheels and it can be set on any flat surface. It can also be used as an add-on to your current network. With adjustable rails and perforated rear and front doors, this cabinet offers flexibility, security, and protection. And it’s made in the USA for quality you can count on.

12U SOHO Server Cabinet With Perforated Front and Rear Doors

Server Rack on Wheels

While you can find server racks on Amazon, some of your best options will come from dedicated resellers or manufacturers. This 8RU portable desktop server rack is an excellent option for a small office or server rack cabinet for home. Or it can be a great add-on to your existing network infrastructure. The SOHO rack cabinet is perfect for small closets, under-the-desk applications, or countertops. With locking, lift-off front and rear perforated doors make it easy to access equipment while also keeping it secure. Adjustable rails and 400 lb. weight capacity for flexibility. It comes with casters, but the wheels are removable if you want to relocate to a desktop or countertop. You can even add a cantilever tray for network equipment. It includes one 78 cfm fan and power cord and is 19” EIA compliant. The SOHO rack also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is made here in the USA for quality you can count on when shopping for a mini server rack.

SOHO 8RU Server Rack, Portable

Server Rack for Home

An in-home small server rack is popular for home cloud service, media, central backup, home automation, and home security. Our server rack cabinets for home protect your network equipment while optimizing space. Our 8U and 12U network equipment rack cabinets are most common and can be tucked away in a closet or placed on any flat surface or floor.

What is a 12U server rack?

The “U” is a standard measuring unit for rack mount type equipment. 1U is equal to 1.75” in height. So, a 12U server rack would have 21” (12 x 1.75”) of usable space. The 8U server rack, also common for home use, would have 14” (8 x 1.75”) of internal space commonly called a desktop server rack. This type of heavy-duty equipment rack cabinet for home use will help secure your equipment and provide years of service in nearly any environment.


Small rack cabinet - wall mount options

Our wall-mount server racks and cabinets offer the same protection as free-standing racks with flexible mounting options – to save space. These cabinets are your ideal solution when floor space is limited and durability is paramount. Built with 16-gauge cold rolled steel to support heavy loads. Designs allow easy mounting of network equipment. Various sizes and designs are available.

Flexible Wall Mount Server Racks

This 12U wall mount rack is the perfect choice for smaller operations who want to save space and don’t need floor-standing racks. Built with ease in mind, designed for quick installation with a clever mounting system so you can hook the bulkiest part of the rack up without holding it for a long time. A lockable, clear door gives technicians access while keeping network equipment secure from those not properly trained to work on it.

This small server rack is made from 16 gauge cold-rolled steel so it’s strong enough to support the heaviest of servers. 12U height provides space for routers, switches, and NAS servers without taking up valuable floor space. Six wall-mounting slots, plexiglass or mesh front door, knockouts in the rear for cable access and on top and base for optional muffin fans.

12U Wall Mount Rack

Accessories for a Desktop Rack

Vented Cantilever Component Shelf

The Kendall Howard 1U 12" vented component shelf takes on a lot of weight for its size. Rated to hold up to 70 lbs., this tough little shelf is perfect for supporting non-rack mountable equipment such as DSL routers, hubs, monitors, modems, backup units, UPS’s and virtually anything you can think of. While this is a small server rack it is designed to accommodate any standard 19” rack and come with a front and back flange to ensure components will not slide off. With a vented base, this rack shelf allows for the needed air to circulate around your network equipment.

1U 12' Vented Cantilever Component Shelf
D-Ring Cable Management Kit

The Kendall Howard 1U D-ring cable management kit gives installers and network technicians a flexible and functional cable management bracket that will easily manage all types of cables in various server rack sizes. With more than 40 different configurations, it is easy to manage cables vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Includes five(5) steel d-rings, 16 snap-in nylon clips (UL94V-2 recognized). Made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty. This cable management kit eliminates the need for dozens of other cable management brackets. Finally, there is a cable manager that can do it all.

1U D-Ring Cable Management Kit

The Kendall Howard Rack Mount Shelves are another great way to store your non-rack mountable components. Our shelves are suitable for monitors, modems, DSL routers, backup units, and virtually anything you can think of.

These products are constructed from heavy 14-gauge steel and individually formed by hand. All shelving units have a front and back flange to ensure your components will not slide off.


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