12U Wall Mount Rack
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12U Wall Mount Rack

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Made in USA
Six wall mounting slots
Available with Plexiglas or mesh front door
Front and rear section locks
Available in two depths 18 and 24 inches
3 knockouts on the top and bottom of the rear section for cable access
19 inch rack mount tapped 10-32 with standard EIA spacing
Knockouts in top and base for optional muffin fans

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    Space is a huge concern for modern businesses, with the money you spend on property getting you less than ever before. At the same time, many businesses find that they don’t need the same complex server systems that they used to. This makes this 12u Wall Mount Rack the perfect choice for many small operations that want to save space and don’t need a floor-standing rack.

    Built with ease in mind, these racks have been designed to be quick to install, with a clever mounting system enabling you to hook the bulkiest part of the rack up without having to hold it for a long time. A lockable clear door gives your technicians access to the LEDs and screens on your machines without exposing your sensitive network to those who aren’t trained to work on it. 

    Made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel, this rack is strong enough to support even the heaviest of servers. A 12u height offers space for things like routers, switches, and NAS servers, without forcing you to take up a huge chunk of floor space with a full-height rack. Two sizes are available with this model - W: 24-inches, H: 24-inches, D: 18-inches or W: 24-inches, H: 24-inches, D: 24-inches.

    • Made from cold-rolled steel
    • Easy to install
    • Clear window for easy access
    • Lockable door for increased security
    • A range of optional extras

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