NEBS Zone 4 Seismic Server Rack Cabinets

NEBS zone 4 seismic server racks cabinets are a must if you operate your business in a location that is prone to experiencing seismic events such as earthquakes, you're going to have a lot to worry about in the case that a quake strikes. But one area where you can put your mind at rest is the safety of your servers. Our range of seismic server racks are specially designed to safely house your servers in the case of seismic events such as an earthquake. Unsurprisingly, in the occurrence of a seismic event, the type of rack you house your servers in becomes critical. With the wrong server rack, these valuable assets to your business, which are integral to your business' operations could easily become seriously damaged, destroyed or risk the safety of your staff.

Quality seismic server racks

Top quality seismic server racks are critical to ensuring the safety of critical equipment and the data stored within. This is why we offer a variety of specially designed, hardy and durable seismic server racks, which could be the make or break factor on whether your equipment survives a seismic event. Gaw’s NEBS GR63-core certified Zone 4 server rack cabinets are perfect for areas that are earthquake prone or subject to regular vibrations, such as an airport or factory. Our seismic cabinets feature both open and closed designs for user flexibility without compromising the security and stability of your equipment




Seismic Server Racks

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