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Standard Server Racks for Data Centers

Server racks are the backbone of data centers and server rooms, providing the necessary infrastructure to house and organize essential computing equipment. As businesses grow and expand their digital operations, reliable and efficient server racks become increasingly important. The standard server rack is one of the most popular server racks. These racks are designed to house standard-sized equipment, making them a versatile and cost-effective option for many businesses.

Standard server racks are a type of server rack designed to accommodate standard-sized equipment, typically measuring 19 inches in width. These racks comprise a series of shelves, or "rack units," stacked vertically to create a compact and organized storage solution. Standard server racks are designed to accommodate a wide range of equipment, making them a versatile option for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking to store servers, switches, routers, or other computing equipment, a standard server rack can provide the necessary infrastructure to keep your equipment organized and easily accessible.

26 U Server Rack / Network Equipment Cabinet

Server cabinet that is perfect for your home or small office

Look no further than our 26U standard network equipment cabinet! This portable cabinet has been designed with small spaces in mind, making it the ideal choice for a compact solution. With a depth of either 30 or 36 inches, you can customize this cabinet to suit your exact needs.

Certified UL 2416, GAW CLOUD CABINET, 42U, DEPTH 42in AND 48in

Secure Data Center Cabinet

Ultimate in data center storage with the Certified UL 2416, Gaw Cloud Cabinet! This beast of a cabinet offers unparalleled security, safety, and utility-driven storage that will give you peace of mind. Meeting the UL 2416 safety standards, it’s built to keep your valuable data protected. But that's not all. This cabinet has features like front-to-rear air containment, access holes, levelers, and casters for easy access.

Enhanced Cable Management Server Rack: Pre-Configured Cable Max 42U & 44U

Best standard server rack for cable management

Manage your cables like a pro with our CableMAX 42U and 44U data center cabinets designed with convenience in mind, featuring ample cable pass-through holes to keep your cables hidden and organized. Your components will stay cool and secure with mesh doors and side panels. A huge range of options, including different depths, panel types, rails, and colors, ensures you can customize your rack to your precise needs. And with our reasonable price point, you won't find a better value for such high-quality and versatile racks.

Open Sided Server Rack Cabinet for Data Centers: 40U & 44U Enclosures

Open-Sided Server Rack Cabinet

Designed with ease in mind, this open-sided server cabinet will make your technician's job a breeze. The openable sides allow for quick access to servers, making installation and setup a fast and painless process. Say goodbye to messy cable routing as you can place racks next to each other without any hassle. With a huge range of features, this cabinet is a game-changer for data centers.

Solid Sided Server Rack Cabinet 40U and 44U, Welded Steel

This Solid-Sided Server Rack Cabinet

The perfect solution for any data center or server room is our solid sided server rack cabinet. Made from high-quality welded steel, it is built to last and provides a solid foundation for your servers. With its solid sides, this rack is isolated, reducing the impact of temperature and noise on your equipment. You can choose from three depths and two heights, as well as a range of rail options, to customize your setup.

Standard server racks are a versatile and cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. By maximizing the use of vertical space and providing efficient infrastructure for computing equipment, standard server racks can help businesses maximize efficiency and productivity in their digital operations.

When choosing a standard server rack, consider size, cooling, and cable management to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Would you like Gaw Technology to install cable management or other accessories into your semi-custom or custom cabinets? No problem.

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