Fix Server Rack Cabling And Heat Problems

Looking for a custom server rack solution to fix cable and heat problems? We build them all the time. It’s what we do.

When off-the-shelf server rack cabinets will not work for you, our team of fabricators and engineers have the experience, talent, and knowledge to deliver your custom server rack solution in record time.

For stringent and unique requirements, like those found in the telecommunications, healthcare, and data center industries, Gaw Technology can design and economically manufacture custom server racks cabinets and seismic enclosures. Our custom rack solutions start with our accelerated design process -- a collaborative session to understand the problem and collect crucial data such as measurements and hot/cold spots. Our engineers then work with you to design and configure creative solutions for your complex problems.

Compact servers create heat and cable management challenges

Today’s servers are thinner and more compact. You can now increase your data center capacity and equipment without adding more space. Great benefit, one problem. Extra equipment means more heat and cables required to run the servers. Off-the-shelf racks and cabinets don’t address these issues.

Custom server racks that absorb heat and have more room for cable management

When a telecommunications client upgraded some of their servers, they realized the extra cables required would not fit in the standard server racks currently available in the market. They turned to Gaw Technology to help them create a custom server rack solution that would address the cable needs and extra heat the servers would produce.

Standard cabinets have a depth of 36 inches and are typically 24 inches wide. By increasing the depth to 42-46 inches and the width to 28 or 32 inches, we were able to accommodate the additional cables.

Plus, Gaw’s custom cabinets offer an alternative to the standard black. Our off-white custom cabinets help absorb heat and reflect light. So, they improve visibility and save on lighting energy costs. It’s a common-sense solution in an industry where heat and energy costs are a problem.

Server racks manufactured in the USA

Because we manufacture right here in the United States, we provide unrivaled levels of quality and shorter delivery times. So, when we are done, we stamp it GAW – Guaranteed Awesome Workmanship – that is 100% guaranteed!

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