Air Baffle and Air Plenum systems

Air Baffle and Air Plenum systems isolate hot and cold air streams for optimum performance, energy savings and compliance with Telcordia requirements. To meet the GR-63 Issue-4 standard for a variety of routers and manufacturers, including Cisco Systems, Juniper Network and F5, Gaw Technology designed an air plenum baffle system that changes the direction of the airflow.

Cisco Air Plenums

Gaw’s air flow plenums / baffle system has been used with a variety of Cisco routers, which intake cold air from the side. Working with the manufacturer, Gaw designed a cold air intake plenum mounted under the router and connected the intake on the top of the router. Problem solved! Our air plenums can be designed to fit a variety of rack mount types (ETSI, WECO and EIA 19” and 23”). Depending on the weight and depth of the router, our air plenum baffles can be designed to fit 2-post or 4-post rack. And like our server cabinets, our airflow plenums accommodate a wide variety of brands.

Air Baffle/Air Plenums

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