22U LINIER Server Cabinet - No Doors - 24" Depth, 19" Rack Mount
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22U LINIER Server Cabinet - No Doors - 24" Depth, 19" Rack Mount

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talled casters and levelers<BR>- Includes two sets of adjustable cage nut style mounting rails<BR>- Top includes laser knockouts<BR>- Made in the USA<BR>- 5-Year Limited Warranty

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    The 22U Linier Server Cabinet is designed to give technicians unrivaled access to server components during operation. The doorless design offers seamless entry at both front and rear, making it easy to monitor real-time operations without the need to remove panels. The unit also features sturdy side panels to enclose systems from neighboring machines and to prevent knocks and bumps that might damage components. Panels are made of steel, offering additional strength and support in high-density applications. 

    The 22U Linier Server Cabinet is suitable for both Datacom and telecom applications. Offering more than 24 inches of depth, it can accommodate typical component sizes predominantly used in the industry. It is also suitable for audio-visual equipment and small network equipment should the need arise. 

    As with other cabinets in its class, the 22U offers multiple cutouts and removable panels for fan installation and better cable management. There are also multiple cable routing options, plus casters for easily moving unplugged servers around. 

    • 19-inch rack-mount with 24-inch depth
    • Built specifically for the needs of telecoms and Datacom's operators
    • Helpful removable slots for fans and cable routing holes 
    • Open design at the front and rear for ease of access
    • Tough, sturdy side panels for better protection

    Unlike the 3100 series, the 3180 LINIER® Server Cabinets are built without doors making it easy to monitor and access the front and back of your network equipment. Side panels are included with this series to help enclose and protect your system. Built with a 24" depth, this LINIER® Server Cabinet is suitable for telecom and Datacom systems, A/V equipment, and other small network equipment. The cabinet features laser knockouts allowing you to install fans, while removable slots provide numerous cable routing options. Both front and rear access to your equipment is made available with the 3180 LINIER® Server Cabinets.


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