6 Reasons Good Cable Management Pays Off

6 Reasons Good Cable Management Pays Off

Aug 29th 2022

Often overlooked in data center management - but should never be - is good cable management. 

Every square inch of a data center should be efficient. How to map and organize your server and power cables helps control utility costs, can extend the life of routers and servers, improves safety for maintenance personnel, and demonstrates your integrity in managing data. 

Here are six reasons why proper cable management pays off: 

1. Planning is More than an Ounce of Prevention The best time to think about cable management is during the design phase. This is when all options are examined side-by-side with the desired cable requirements. Setting goals prior to the installation phase helps to make as many of them achievable as possible. 

2. Operational Efficiency A well-designed and properly installed cable system gives technicians an organized space. A well-organized space means data center managers can work more efficiently, thereby cutting unnecessary manpower hours to either repair or maintain their facility. 

3. Safety Matters Loosely hung cables or cables strung haphazardly can cause tripping and other hazards. As employers do not want to see their workers and contractors injured, managing cables effectively reduces these risks.

4. Energy Efficiency Ill-managed cables that block router and server cooling fans means the equipment - and even the building - have to work harder to keep that critical equipment cool. This means higher utility costs and a shorter life span for server equipment. 

5. Enhances Center’s Reputation Having well-organized cables makes an impression on would-be customers who may tour the facility as part of the sales process. Adhering to good cable management practices demonstrates a center’s integrity in the marketplace. A poorly organized space can generate doubts about the center’s dedication to security and quality. 

6. Expansion Ready By focusing on good cable management, operators make better use of the space it has today, and can better manage plans for future expansions. As a leader in server rack cabinet solutions, GAW Technology helps clients manage their data center needs, keeping them profitable well into the future. Have questions about improving your data center’s efficiency? Contact us today.

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