Mar 26th 2021

Companies succeed on what makes them different. Some win on speed, others on ease, and others win on riding a trend. While GAW Technology succeeds on innovative thinking, that thinking traces back to their long history of responsiveness.

As a small business owner with roots as a third-party supplier, Gaw’s President, Kathy Betz, experienced first-hand the frustration in dealing with manufacturing reps. Communication was difficult, getting the right products for the right price and getting them delivered on time was a source of constant frustration. Kathy thought that if it was hard for her to wade through the challenges, it was equally hard on her clients.

It pushed them to improve outcomes for their clients. The solution: bypass their third-party process to become the direct source of the products themselves.

Fast-forward 30 years - listening and responding to the customer has been in GAW Technology’s DNA. The result is a sustainable business built on a strong reputation.

This same drive to create satisfied customers was instrumental in helping the company earn two critical certifications.

Their systematic approach, along with the quality and design of their products and delivery methods, helped the company earn its ISO 9001:2015 and its TL 9000 certification.

It is the phone calls with customers and solving their problems that also excites the Gaw team. By the sound of the steady testimonials, it appears the customers like it too.

Here’s What Customers Are Saying 

“GAW has a good reputation for service, quality and on-time delivery. They keep us posted on production timelines and the ship date is in line with their estimate. Packaging for transportation is good. Great product and customer service.”

“Sales rep is outstanding and their customer service people are helpful and responsive. GAW Technology has favored vendor status because there are never problems or issues. Their reputation, service, pricing and on-time delivery make them a good choice.” 


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