​Data Center in a…Suitcase?

​Data Center in a…Suitcase?

Nov 10th 2021

Data centers are vital to the world’s IT infrastructure. Most often, they are large structures in accessible locations. But what happens when your data center needs to be…portable?

Even those traveling to the most remote locations or stealth circumstances are now demanding efficient communication. How can you ensure that your technology will perform as needed, even in the most extreme weather?

From deserts and snowy mountains to the rain forest, the solution is here.

The use of rackmount shipping cases provides weather-proof, portable solutions for data-on-the-move. These aluminum cases safely hold servers, freeing businesses to think innovatively about their projects and operations.

These portable, protective and stackable cases are used in military operations, by scientists, technology experts, as well as the music industry. They can be used for satellite broadcasts, radar equipment, command and control communication centers, as well as education and research projects.

These travel cases are resistant to altitude, solar radiation, sand, humidity, dust, fog, fungus, ice and snow. They are shock and vibration proof, and are not affected by the sun, UV or temperature changes.

As GAW Technology specializes in customizing rack servers, business leaders are seeking their expertise in tailoring these travel cabinets to their specific needs.

A growing segment of businesses require cases beyond the standard 19-inch size, and are seeking GAW’s ability to source, customize and deliver these portable data centers.

Customers have requested such features as view ports so operators do not have to open the case in order to see the instrumentation lights, pressure relief valves, and humidity indicators. These cases are transportable with a 150-pound payload ability. Other popular features include durable wheels, retractable handles, drawers and shelves.

Businesses also like the security of a BYOS (bring your own server) approach.

If you think your operations could be aided by this equipment, contact GAW today for more information.

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