Data Center Optimization Assessments and CFD Modeling

Data Center Optimization Assessments and CFD Modeling

Jun 19th 2019

It’s Getting Hot in Here - Time To Assess Your Over Heated Data Center

First, the good news for consumers: the new 5G technology is making cell phones and wireless connections faster and faster. The bad news: these faster speeds are heating up data center facilities. What’s a facility operator to do? Without proper airflow to keep this critical equipment cool, utility costs rise and the lifespan of servers fall.

The challenge with proper air ventilation and flow has always existed within data centers. Now operators are forced to find new and advanced ways to make improvements. In their search, many have added GAW Technology to their mix of experts that currently include architects, engineers and HVAC installers.

Because of the company’s very specific expertise in moving air flow throughout and around the rows of racks, GAW Technology is often asked to step in and help resolve issues related to ventilation and heat. Proper airflow management can generate up to 30% energy savings. It also protects the life span of servers. These assessments help improve cooling system efficiencies.

GAW Technology offers Data Center Optimization Assessments and CFD Modeling.

Data Center Optimization Assessment provides a vendor-neutral, holistic review of the whole infrastructure, down to the rack level. It is used to identify:

  • Single points of failure
  • Benchmarks against industry-recognized best practices
  • Roadmaps for remediation

CFD Modeling can be combined with the Optimization Assessment or it can be a stand-alone solution. We use a sophisticated and industry-leading CFD tool called Six Sigma. Using our CFD study, we can model and predict airflow inside the data center, which enables us to provide data on:

  • Failure analysis
  • Suggest improved layouts for capacity planning
  • Suggest areas for improved energy efficiency
  • Promote proper cooling management
  • Calculate potential energy savings
  • Plan for IT equipment change

From rack configuration to examining humidity levels, a comprehensive assessment can help businesses deploy the necessary equipment and/or design changes for improving air flow and reducing costs.

When consulting with clients, Chuck Gaw, vice president of GAW Technology, examines both existing and yet-to-be constructed facilities. The GAW Team assist facility operators in outlining the ideal layout and installing the right redirection equipment in a way that improves the life span of costly servers and reduces unnecessary utility overruns.

If you are considering expanding or building new data centers, contact GAW today to get assistance in design solutions that will keep your servers running efficiently for longer periods of time.

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