​Data Center Trends to Watch in 2021

​Data Center Trends to Watch in 2021

Nov 4th 2020

Across industries and around the globe, COVID-19 has put our tech capabilities – and weaknesses - on full display. As businesses - and to a larger extent our societies - operate remotely, our reliance on dependable and fast technology is more critical than ever before.


Without data center advancement, the services we have come to rely on - remote learning, business meetings and events – can become glitchy, unreliable experiences.

While the average person marvels at this remote technology, industry leaders forge ahead with additional advances. This means maintaining current operations while also preparing for changes that are yet to come.

GAW Technology continues to help develop and deliver the products and services that are critical to future advancements.

Here are a few trends in the data center segment we are monitoring and adapting as technologies develop.

Edge Computing

While many are already familiar with cloud computing, the next major trend for technology and data centers is edge computing. This allows the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to operate with greater speed.

However, edge computing requires networks to be located closer to where the data itself is housed. As such, more edge data centers are being used to extend networks to provide greater processing resources that would normally be too big for IoT devices.

Expect new cell towers to be equipped with these edge data centers, as they provide the support needed for these types of advances.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Cloud computing solutions will continue to dominate the technology field. As such, the demand for supporting infrastructure will increase as well. Virtual services and social media cannot survive without the construction of these massive data centers.

Tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft are already planning the construction of “hyperscale” facilities that store thousands of servers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and machine learning applications will continue to require tremendous amounts of processing power. As this technology needs the infrastructure and connectivity to perform ideally, diverse and well-operated data centers will be needed in order for this technological advancement.

Cooling Technology

As the tech industry needs more diverse data centers, the industries that support them, such as GAW are advising and delivering.

The technology behind AI applications generates more heat than a traditional data center can handle. New cooling center technology has the ability to make even the most precise adjustments in temperature, which helps data centers better manage their energy costs.

Look for liquid cooling technology, which can regulate and support high-performance processors more efficiently.

Colocation Services

In a continuing effort to contain costs while keeping up with demands and advances, colocation of data centers is becoming a more attractive option for smaller data center operators.

Today’s data centers offer more than just more floor space, relying instead on digital services. Colocation services provide the opportunity for businesses to better use the enhanced power and cooling technologies in order to operate successfully.

GAW Technology continues to discuss these advancing technologies with our clients and prospects. As companies are looking to implement upgrades, they need a variety of experts to help them plan and execute their goals.

If you are looking to expand your technological capabilities and need experienced insight, contact GAW today for more information on how we can help manage your centers more efficiently.

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