​Edge Computing - The Need for Speed Is Real  And It’s Here

​Edge Computing - The Need for Speed Is Real And It’s Here

Sep 20th 2021

Edge computing to meet the demands for faster and more efficient data processing

The need for speed is real. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G rely on high-capacity speeds for transferring massive amounts of data.

Future success for many industries hinges on this. Is Cloud technology enough to support our needs? Already the demand for speed is sizeable. And the next solution is already here.

Called the next frontier, Edge computing is the latest technology to meet this challenge. Edge computing is technology that performs at - or near the source of the data. Instead of relying on the cloud with dozens of data centers doing all the work, the computing takes place at the edge of a network. Edge-enabled devices can gather and process data in real time, allowing them to respond faster and more effectively

Edge computing is a reliable source of data management that has now reached one “Zettabyte.” One Zettabyte is equal to approximately one trillion gigabytes. It provides faster, more efficient processes.

Solving speed constraints with edge computing

How Fast Is It? Just two years ago, DNA sequencing generated approximately a zettabyte of data every 11 days. The speed and ability afforded by the Edge will have even greater positive implications for life sciences and the treatments for diseases.

Other industries who can benefit from the Edge include:

  • Automakers using IoT will advance the use of autonomous vehicles
  • Classrooms and offices who have systems that can handle zettabytes will advance remote learning and working
  • The Smart Watch on your wrist
  • Safety monitoring of oil rigs, streaming video optimization, and drone-enabled crop management

What does this mean for business? There are vast investments coming from the tech giants of the world, which will lead to the expansion of the Edge data center market as well.

GAW Technology is paying very close attention to the advances in this technology and is able to work with clients to help them seize on the opportunities this will generate.

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