Getting Internet Access to Rural Areas

Getting Internet Access to Rural Areas

May 21st 2021

Getting internet and broadband access to rural areas was already a challenge even before the pandemic. When COVID spread, it forced kids to be homeschooled and adults to work remotely, accelerating the problem of internet access in rapid fashion.

The pandemic may be easing, but the demand for connectivity rages on. The challenge of wiring up our vast country is downright daunting. Business and governmental leaders are looking for short and long-term solutions.

The abundance of functioning satellites hovering around in space allow us to expand access even in the most difficult terrains. While satellites solve the distance problem, challenges in bridging the internet service gap continue in rural areas.

Harsh environments are always top-of-mind for datacenter and server supply professionals, including GAW Technology. From managing heat distribution in a data center to building cabinets that can handle seismic activity, GAW helps clients overcome obstacles through teamwork and innovation.

To address unstable environments, our approach has been to make our server rack equipment more adaptable by utilizing materials other than steel. Using rust-resistant galvanneal in our racks, we can deliver equipment that data center and other internet service providers need for difficult terrain.

As a leader in server rack cabinet solutions, GAW Technology has been assisting its customers with the changing needs of internet access. While the use of satellites will continue to grow, wireless towers that expand the connections to distant data centers will also be instrumental in connecting rural regions of this country and beyond.

If you are part of a planning organization to bridge the broadband gap and need professional insights on what equipment works well in unstable environments, contact us here at GAW Technology today.  

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