Getting the Job Done on Time

Getting the Job Done on Time

Jan 27th 2023

Last year, a customer presented us with specs for specific-sized UL cabinets. The client’s timeline was tight.

Customized projects like this can take up to a year to complete. But in a competitive market, a year is about eight months too long. The client was hoping to hear we could complete the project to their timeline.

For many, this could have been one of those moments when you say, “Yes, we can do it,” only to hang up the phone and then scramble to figure it out.

But this was not the case here. At GAW Technology, we began our process of assessing their needs, developing a design, and creating a production plan that met their equipment and timeline needs. We immediately got to work to turn the project around within four months.

The project required us to listen and communicate effectively with the client and outline a well-considered design and production plan in a timely manner. Our 30 years of experience, critical designations and a continuing desire to work hard on behalf of our customers gave us the ability to say yes.

We built a prototype and reviewed the details with our client. From there, we made some adjustments, produced and tested the cabinets to ensure they were UL compliant and met all the clients’ needs. We were able to rely on our well-established materials and shipping vendors, as well as our dedicated production team to complete the project within our client’s timeline.

Completing this project and others like it told us that the time we spent before the pandemic earning our ISO 9001 and TL 9000 Certifications was worth the effort. The certifications were key to allowing us the ability to take this call with confidence.

These designations tell the world that GAW maintains a systematic approach to managing our processes, in order to consistently deliver products that satisfy our customers’ expectations. The TL 9000 designation, established for the telecommunication industry, means our racks and cabinets comply with stringent quality and design requirements.

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