Here's The Key To Supply Chain Success

Here's The Key To Supply Chain Success

Jul 18th 2022

We have all begrudgingly accepted the long waits and delivery delays of goods and services due to global supply chain issues. But for GAW Technology, they have found that having certain certifications has been the key to carry them through even the most challenging of circumstances. 

Their success was no accident. GAW has always put planning at the forefront of its business model – which is now paying off for their customers. 

Years ago, GAW made a choice to adhere to the rigorous requirements of ISO 9001 and TL9000 certifications. This prepared the company for extremes in the marketplace. These certifications require that they maintain its design, development, production and services to the industry they serve. Those requirements have never relaxed, even during this latest crisis. As the pandemic dragged on, GAW maintained non-stop communication with its sources to help ensure delivery of their products. 

These certifications mandate that GAW’s products remain consistent - from the quality of the metals right down to the color match of the material. While often overlooked, color matching is important to the datacenters they serve. Matching racks are important, for when datacenters move, reconfigure and expand. 

Pipelining has not been easy, as GAW has had to calculate other factors - like shipping -to ensure their own manufacturing and delivery deadlines are met. 

Since the beginning, GAW’s mission has always been ‘customers first.’ Now, backed with the certifications they earned, GAW’s customers have continued to rely on the 30-year-old firm to come through for them. 

If you are having trouble with your supplier, reach out to GAW today to learn how we can help you get the quality server racks you need.

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