​How the Data Center Industry Is Changing

​How the Data Center Industry Is Changing

Mar 18th 2020

Historically, the keys to many new breakthroughs were discovered through practices that have worked in the past.

In the movie, “Hidden Treasures,” viewers learned that the launch and landing codes used for Astronaut John Glenn’s first orbital spaceflight in 1962 were designed using ancient math.

In the evolution of data center management, Gaw Technology has served as both witness and instructor in shaping the advances we now take for granted regarding communication technology.

When the business launched 30 years ago, Gaw Technology was helping clients fill orders for cabinetry that would safely hold and store 8 mm tapes. They needed to be sturdy and not tip over in the event of an accident. A top concern was the color of the plexiglass doors on the rack cabinets (‘Old Smoke’ was a trending color in the 1990s).

Critical role of air plenums

Fast-forward to the early 2000s…solutions were falling behind the fast pace of technology, as the critical equipment in data centers kept shutting down because the rooms were too hot. They needed a better solution than just pumping cold air into a room. The server racks and cabinets had to play a role in helping circulate the air more efficiently.

Chuck Gaw, vice president and co-founder of the company, leveraged his knowledge of heating and air conditioning systems to find alternate solutions for his data center clients. Their solutions focused on managing and distributing airflow with a variation of new products and services.

Retrofitting data centers

Now in 2020, the industry is evolving again. As the Internet of Things requires more agile connectivity, they are receiving more requests to help with retrofitted spaces to accommodate data center expansion needs.

Gaw says mobile technology leaders will need to construct mini-data centers to accommodate today’s market.

Gaw Technology continues to help clients keep pace. While the needs change, the aim to please and provide solutions has never gone out of style.

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