It’s a Deadline Jungle Out There!

It’s a Deadline Jungle Out There!

Nov 14th 2022

It’s a jungle out there for many manufacturers. For those who are relying on international suppliers, they are having big-time challenges when it comes to getting materials shipped on time. Add global labor shortages happening, and manufacturers will tell you that supply chain dependability is at an all-time low.  It’s why now more than ever, GAW Technology is glad they worked so hard to achieve certain industry designations. Long before anyone heard of a pandemic, they became a godsend to their clients, as those quality control requirements were solidly in place before the global economy went haywire. The process GAW has in place means its products are consistently the right size and color. Their clients’ projects are not subject to delays due to inaccurate dimensions, wrong sizes or mismatched colors. GAW products are delivered on time, ready to install. 

GAW is ISO and TL 9000 certified. These certifications mean that the company already has in place:

  • Systematized quality control
  • A consistent production process
  • On-time delivery
  • Stringent design requirements

As the company has developed multiple sources for raw materials within the United States, they are able to avoid the logistical complications other companies are frantically dealing with right now.  GAW also strictly adheres to RU measurements for the products they build, as it is the industry standard used to ensure that their racks and cabinets are just what the customer ordered.

Achieving these certifications was a high priority for the company. They represent the values their company leaders have held throughout their 30+ year history.  Looking for dependable and quality equipment for your datacenter, Contact us today for an accurate and dependable discussion on how we can help. 
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