Keeping The Data Center Cabinet Supply Chain Strong in a Pandemic

Keeping The Data Center Cabinet Supply Chain Strong in a Pandemic

Jan 11th 2021

The pandemic has slowed the supply chain of everything - from toilet paper to equipment parts. Slowed deliveries have different consequences for each company. For some, it results in project delays, increased costs and loss of revenue. For others, it means a loss of an order. Or turns satisfied customers into unhappy ones – even when you had nothing to do with the delay.

For many, the pandemic has opened our eyes as to what it means to have a strong supply chain. When it comes to on-time delivery, GAW Technology has proudly maintained a 90 to 96% on-time delivery, even during the global slow down.

Doing Delivery Right

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified business with a 30-year history of quality assurance, GAW decided to take the next step to uber-efficiency and quality eleven years ago by applying for…read more the TL9000 certification. While based on ISO 9000, this accreditation was established specifically for the telecommunication industry.

Its approval denotes that GAW racks and cabinets comply with the most stringent quality, design requirements, as well as on-time delivery.

In a normal business climate, GAW has always maintained this and they have continued to demonstrate their abilities even during the pandemic.

In order to maintain their accreditation, they must ensure the following:

  • Maintain reputable and consistent sources of material, despite disruptions in the marketplace
  • Secure a steady inventory of material in order to continue to meet any new customer demands that may have shifted due to COVID-19
  • Keep their employees safe. As a family-owned and operated business, employee safety is a core value of the company
  • Remain as responsive to customer emergencies and needs as they were before the pandemic
  • Maintain strong and reliable logistic processes
  • Ensure a smooth and systematic approach to their orders via efficient accounting procedures
  • GAW has always prided itself on their high-touch customer service. Earning the TL9000 and other certifications is the company’s way of delivering on their promise to deliver to their customers no matter what happens…pandemic and all.

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