Jul 12th 2021

Data centers consume nearly one percent (1%) of global electricity demand, which impacts CO2 emissions on a global scale.

The need for data and computing is continuing to rise. As pressure mounts to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers, operators are working through a very complex problem.

As such, the world is watching data centers as they continue to find innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are a few advances that data center operators are examining to help them provide critical services, while reducing consumption of power and electricity:

  • The use of more renewable energy and the advances in lithium-ion batteries efficiency is giving data centers new tools to reduce climate change at a global level
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence software has helped to maximize datacenter operations and infrastructure efficiencies
  • Microsoft’s “Project Natick” is examining the energy reduction benefits of submerging data centers in the sea, or submerging server racks in specially designed fluids as a way to reduce cooling costs.

Both the demand for data and finding sustainable solutions to reduce the impact of climate change will have data centers and their partners working together to develop solutions that achieve both goals.

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