Preparing for the Future: Investing in Innovation

Preparing for the Future: Investing in Innovation

Jun 5th 2023

When we developed our company tagline, A Leader in Server Rack Solutions, we knew that we were committing ourselves to always being on the cusp of continuing innovation for our customers. So, we put our money where our mouth is. 

In 2023 we reimagined our production facility – and invested in new equipment. These purchases have helped us improve production times, while ensuring our products set the bar even higher as far as industry expectations. 

Here’s what’s new at GAW: 

  • A new laser machine that cuts metal shapes before they are bent has allowed us to continue to produce equipment that will meet the strict standards of our TL9000 and ISO 9001 certifications. 
  • A specialized larger oven, which is essentially its own room, allows us to apply a powder coating to materials - that is then baked in. This baking process strengthens the material further during production. 
  • An automated loader that streamlines floor management. Because the loader is automated, it reduces the risk of injury and mistakes, while also improving production time. 

As business leaders know, keeping up with customer demand is the key to maintaining trust with current clients, while attracting new business. By continuing to invest in equipment that reduces production time, it has other benefits as well, such as keeping employees safe, and eliminating waste. 

GAW Technology demonstrates that even when the market is more prudent, there is always an opportunity to achieve greater results and grow the company.

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