Protect your data center from long term micro seismic damage and catastrophic failures

Apr 20th 2021

Vibrations occur daily in many locations. Whether large or small, shaking cause significant problems for a data center. A single server rack can house equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Datacenter outages can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars per hour of downtime. So, it is critical that your data center infrastructure mitigate potential risks.

  • Even small vibration over time can cause fatigue in the solder that connects the circuits of electrical components housed within a rack.
  • Innocuous seismic activity caused by vehicles, planes, and trains are also problematic.
  • The risk escalates with significant seismic events like earthquakes.
  • Seismic activity risks include physical safety concerns and total business shutdown, impacting business cash flow and profits.

The threat of seismic events is so serious that The International Building Code (IBC) created an ‘essential’ designation for some facilities and identified others that could represent a substantial risk to human life -- requiring them to have continuous operation plans, by code, to install seismic rated products.

  • Schools
  • Public utilities
  • Telecoms
  • Jails
  • Hospitals
  • Facilities containing highly toxic materials

The good news: there is a solution to help protect your data center from long term micro seismic damage and catastrophic failures caused by earthquakes. Gaw Technology’s custom seismic cabinets are:

  • •NEBS GR63-core certified zone 4 to mitigate risks in seismic areas .
  • •Engineered and tested to handle 2,000 pounds of equipment
  • •Has enhanced welds, structural reinforcement

Gaw manufactures here in the US, so they can pre-install accessories at no charge and ship your cabinet in a single container that arrives ready to install. 

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