Quiet Collaboration Behind the Scenes

Quiet Collaboration Behind the Scenes

Oct 14th 2019

During a recent small tremor in southern California, neighbors and friends in the area texted each other and got on Facebook to ask whether or not others felt that shake. While all were safe, what continues to be astonishing is nearly no one gave a second thought to the fact that there was no interruption in their internet or 4G service. This means a lot had to go right for things not to go wrong.

For 25 years, GAW Technology has been one of the myriad of experts that makes sure things stay right during a calamity. Designing, testing and building seismic server racks that can withstand what California’s earthquake can dole out is not the most glamorous aspect of internet technology, but it is critical just the same. Working in the background to help their clients succeed has been a winning model for GAW Technology. Discreet success is a mindset founder Kathy Betz instilled into the company from the beginning. A relationship builder and problem solver, Betz established a footing in the industry during an era not known for women entrepreneurs. But Betz, a single mother, was motivated to succeed on her family’s behalf. The company has been taking that tone ever since.

Building server racks that stay stable during a seismic event or a steady stream of disruptive vibration need consistent tending, said Chuck Gaw, Betz’s son and vice president of the company.

“It’s more than building a better mouse trap. Mouse traps don’t have to work in earth quakes. We have worked to stay ahead of technological advances in order for them to work well under any circumstance,” Gaw said. Throughout the company’s history it has continued to improve on its products and worked to stay ahead of the curve in the industries they serve.

Now, as 5G technology becomes standard in the industry, GAW Technology’s expertise is continuing to solve problems for their clients as well as our communities at large. Where design, engineering and HVAC systems leave off, the company continues to quietly collaborate on ways to improve their industry needs. This work may go unnoticed by the public, but that’s been GAW Technology’s strength from day one. 

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