​The Next Step In Innovation - UL Certification for Cloud Cabinets

​The Next Step In Innovation - UL Certification for Cloud Cabinets

Jul 14th 2020

When inspectors from UL (Underwriter Laboratories) arrived at our facility in September 2019, it was the day our company took the next step in innovation for our customers. Inspections are often a source of stress for some companies. For GAW Technology, inspectors from UL represented three years’ worth of work to research, develop, test and analyze a cloud cabinet that we are happy to report is UL 2416 standard certified.

UL is globally recognized as a leader in product safety testing and certification. It applies exacting scientific processes and the highest ethical principles to help create a better world. For those companies in essential industries, maintaining a high level of quality is crucial.

The process to achieve UL certifications is exhaustive. It is why many companies don’t even try. Many find it too rigorous, too expensive and too time consuming. We, at GAW, know it’s worth it.

In order for us to earn this esteemed designation, we had to first develop the plans for a cabinet just to get an opportunity to apply for a UL certification.

UL reviews all plans and does not allow a certification application to move forward until it meets their stringent requirements.

Once authorized to move to the next phase, GAW established a manufacturing plan. We then built the cabinet, tested it and analyzed results at every phase. After successfully building and testing the cabinet in our facility, we moved to UL’s final inspection phase.

UL takes no one’s word for it. They test for themselves and put companies through the paces in order to evaluate proposed equipment. To get ready for the final inspection, we were required to load this cabinet with 3,000 pounds – equal in weight to a Toyota Camry. The process of adding support cables, anchors and winches to ensure the cabinet remained safe for testing took three full days.

We are proud to report that our cloud cabinets are UL 2416 certified. This certification is for Information and Communication Technology equipment cabinets, enclosures and rack systems.

Even after it was approved, UL continues to inspect our facility, making four separate visits each year – which can be unannounced.

As a UL certified manufacturer, GAW continues to demonstrate our leadership in the industry.

Here are some of the reasons why UL Certification is so important:

STANDARDS: UL is all about safety, comprehensive procedures and guidelines. Achieving this UL certification tells their customers that their products meet the highest standards.

VERIFICATION: A local UL field representative visits a manufacturer at least four times per year to verify that the Listing Mark is only applied to products that are built in accordance with UL’s requirements.

COMMITMENT: A UL certification shows a company’s continued commitment to safety and quality.

In our 30 years in business, GAW Technology continues to meet our clients’ current needs while anticipating new ones. This new UL certification demonstrates that continuing commitment.

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