​Top 9 Data Center Trends for 2022

​Top 9 Data Center Trends for 2022

Jan 21st 2022

With the rapid evolution in data center demands, 2022 is all about future-proofing your operations. Faster 5G technology that demands more energy consumption is just one of the challenges operators will need to overcome in the years ahead.

Here are the top 9 trends data center operators should be on the lookout for in 2022.

1. 5G – It’s Complicated

Air traffic isn’t the only thing challenged by 5G technology. Its ultra-fast data speeds and 0 latency are putting an immense amount of pressure on data centers to invest in new hardware and software just to keep up.

2. Security. Security. Security

It seems like every day there is breaking news about another data breach hacking of companies, consumers - even governments.

The demand for data center security is at a fever pitch. Solutions including chip-level security are helping safeguard both hardware and software against ever capable intruders.

3. Green is Evergreen

Data centers consume massive amounts of electricity, which has shown to adversely impact climate control. To combat this problem, more data center operators are looking at green energy sources to offset consumption.

4. Distributed Enterprises Answer the Remote Challenge

This year will see a decline in office-centric networks and a rise in distributed enterprises. Ensuring efficiencies by decentralization will be critical to the success of operations as the remote work option continues to grow. Gartner, an information technology (IT) research and consultancy company, reports that by next year, “75 percent of organizations that exploit the benefits of distributed enterprises will realize revenue growth 25% faster than competitors.”

5. We’re Going Virtual

Virtualization software allows computers to run two or more operating systems using only one PC. This software is playing an important role in virtual and augmented reality technology by helping to drive down data center’s hardware-related costs. By transforming storage into something virtual, a new category of data centers has emerged called Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs).

6. AI Everywhere

AI feels like it’s everywhere already, but in 2022 we will see that presence grow many times over. Algorithms now allow data centers to automate routine or mundane processes. Centers and companies are then able to use human talent more precisely and to where it is needed most.

7. Small Data

Small data does not attract the same headlines as big data, but TinyML, (tiny machine learning) refers to machine learning algorithms designed to take up as little space as possible. With the evolution of wearables, autonomous cars, appliances, industrial equipment and more, small data technology is of growing importance. Its growing implementation will help make this type of equipment smarter and even more useful.

8. Ultra-Scalability

Hyperscale data centers are facilities that provide outstanding capabilities to handle seasonal computing demands. As data centers must manage dramatically varying demand for computing power, ultra-scalable technology or hyperscale allows centers to scale up and down efficiently, depending on that demand.

Cloud and hosting providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud are now occupying 50 percent of the total hyperscale market.

9. Ultra-Fast Memory

Data storage devices like spinning hard disks may soon go the way of the dinosaur, as solid-state drives, flash memory and virtual storage enter the space. As storage becomes faster, smaller and more capable, look for the ultra-fast memory trend to accelerate.

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