Taking A ‘MacGyver’ Approach

Taking A ‘MacGyver’ Approach

May 17th 2024

As many of their long-term clients will attest, GAW Technology takes the MacGyver ‘fixer’ approach to solving their clients’ problems. It works!

For 35 years GAW’s Founder, Kathy Gaw-Betz has been able to pinpoint solutions – and deliver with long-lasting results.

When Chuck Gaw, Kathy’s son, rose in leadership within the company, clients benefited from his troubleshooting and creative ‘out of the box’ ideas. As a result, the duo has risen to prominence, built the company into a leader in server rack cabinet rack solutions.

Over the years, as airflow management has become more complicated, Kathy’s ongoing communication with customers helped her identify the needs, and Chuck designed the solutions - which continue to work today.

Once, when a client had a particularly vexing heat build-up problem, Chuck took to ‘roughing out’ a model solution using a cereal box. It led to the innovation the client had been searching for – and was the foundation for the first air plenum Gaw designed and produced.

As the industry continues to make dramatic shifts, GAW Technology remains at the forefront, assisting clients in staying ahead. With the advances of in AI technology, the demand for retrofitting spaces to meet new requirements grows.

Committed to both innovation and quality, The company has also maintained its ISO9001:2015 and TL9000 certifications, adhering to stringent quality and design compliance that such certifications demand.

While customer needs have evolved throughout the company’s 35-year history, the ‘can-do’ and innovative mentality of the GAW team has remained steadfast.

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