​The Impact of AI on Data Centers

​The Impact of AI on Data Centers

Jan 29th 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the minds of every business and organizational leader in the world. As AI usage continues to transform, data center operators are discovering an array of complex challenges that come with it. While we all wonder about its impact on our society, the energy AI consumes and the heat it generates has become a big challenge in our industry.

Here are 4 ways they are addressing these needs:

1. Power Needs

AI is the hyperdrive of the internet – it will be placing overwhelming demands on our energy supply. Giants such as Amazon, Meta, Google and Microsoft were top purchasers of clean energy in 2023 and are seeking even more advances in the coming years.

2. Weight Load Demands

As AI servers are heavier than standard ones, they are placing a significant load on IT racks and raised floors that they were not built for. With these heavier servers, a rack can weigh over 900 kg (2000 lbs). Racks not rated to these weights may experience deformation to frames, leveling feet and/or casters.

3. Cooling Systems

Data centers are deploying a variety of cooling technologies that support the longevity of servers to keep them running smoothly. Microsoft, Google and others are deploying liquid cooling solutions including server immersion technology and encasing chips inside servers in liquid.

Operators are also using a sophisticated process of air flow management and hot and cold aisle strategies.

4. Lifecycle Management

One of the more encouraging trends that AI is producing for data center management is its ability to help operators improve the lifespan of servers.

Using algorithms, AI is able to make assessments in life-cycle management. These algorithms provide smarter insights into infrastructure usage, maintenance, and resource planning, which can boost operational efficiencies and improve equipment lifespan.

Demands on data centers is increasing with each passing year. As GAW Technology has been a leader in rack servers for more than 25 years, we are your trusted advisers about how to develop and utilize equipment that will meet your needs well into the future.

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