Why Buy American?

Why Buy American?

Nov 20th 2023

The term Made in the USA found new urgency and popularity during the early days of the COVID crisis, when the pandemic severely crippled international supply chains and caused shortages of goods and equipment vital to this country. 

So, with the pandemic in our rear-view mirror, why should consumers continue to buy American? 

Thankfully, of all the challenges GAW Technology faced through the pandemic, filling orders in a timely fashion was not one of them. That’s because GAW was already building products and sourcing raw materials right here in the USA. 

What GAW learned from that experience is that using its USA base to design and manufacture products is still beneficial today to GAW’s customers. 

While a primary asset to the Made in the USA standard represents quality of products and timely delivery, here are 3 ways that GAW customers benefit: 

  • Shortened lead times: From design and manufacturing, customers enjoy increased on-time delivery and installation. 
  • Custom work: Specialized projects are completed more easily and quickly due to less time-zone constraints and language barriers. Short-run equipment can also be produced to meet changing needs. 
  • Faster turnaround times: Proofs and prototypes are built more quickly – and can be reviewed faster too. 

Its commitment to high standards for processes and production, as seen by their TL9000 and ISO9001 certifications, has continued to further assist their customers. Clients have long benefited from this commitment, as they are able to get the quality supplies they need - when they need it. 

GAW takes pride in its commitment to producing products in the United States. This commitment is proof of GAW’s dedication and concern for our clients and country. 

GAW Technology can help you save time and money with server rack solutions, made here in the USA. Call today: (877) 429-7225 to speak with an expert.

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