12-24 and 10-32 Rack mount screws come with star lock washer
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Server Rack Screw

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Made in USA
Pane Head Screw with Washer
Half Inch Long
Comes in 10-32 or 12-24 thread size
RoHS Compliant Finish

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    It’s all good and well finding the perfect server rack and shelves to suit your needs. But what use it having all the accessories and technology for your server rack if you don’t have the screws that you need to put it together! We offer a wide variety of server rack screws to meet all of your needs!

    Our server rack screws come in a variety of choices, so make sure to check which you need before buying. If you’re struggling, have any questions or require any help, feel free to reach out to us for further advice. A friendly member of our team will be able to help you figure out exactly which screws you need.

    We supply screws in a choice of 10-32 or 12-24 thread size. This ensures that you can find the right thread size to suit your needs and requirements.

    All of our screws are also ROHs compliant, so you can rest assured that you’re shopping safe and getting value for your money. These are high quality screws that get the job done!


    • Quality server rack screw
    • Reliable and durable
    • 10-32 thread size
    • 12-24 thread size
    • ROHs compliant

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