4U Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack, Rack Mount Area Swings Down
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4U Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack, Rack Mount Area Swings Down

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Made in USA
<b>Features:</b><BR>- Optional Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover available (Sold separately)<BR>- Optional Pivot Frame Stationary Rackmount Brackets available (Sold separately)<BR>- Includes 12 10-32
rack screws<BR>- 10-32 tapped rails<BR>- 12" depth<BR>- 90 degree swing down<BR>- 75 lb. weight capacity<BR>- Made in the USA<BR>- Limited Lifetime Warranty

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    The 4U Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack makes network equipment installation and maintenance easy for installers. Its pivot feature allows the rackmount frame to swing down and stop at 90 degrees, giving installers full access to the rear of equipment. Even when in the open/down position, the rack can withstand the force of punching down multiple connections - a feature especially helpful when installing patch panels. The Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack is built with a 12" depth making it suitable for network and telecom devices such as patch panels, network switches, routers, and more. Its modular design allows you to mount multiple racks above and/or below each other creating a larger rack solution. Ample cable routing is available with the open frame design, as well as the laser knockouts on either side of the rack. Gain full access to all sides of your equipment with the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack.

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